Tiny Bit of School

A GoFundMe was launched for Tiny Bit of School in March of 2021, intending to raise enough money to offer basic woodworking classes to women and non-binary people. By June of 2021, our community helped me reach that goal, and the real work began. 

I believe in the empowering and therapeutic nature of working with one's hands. That's why it is my mission to create a safe and equitable space where anyone, regardless of their identity, ability, or background, can learn woodworking.  

Our Values

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Tiny Bit of School will operate on a "pay-what-you-can" pricing structure. If someone can't afford to take a class, then it will be offered to them at no cost. Individuals facing financial barriers are always welcome here. 




I aim to address the social barriers to this trade by offering classes to marginalized communities. Anyone who would normally struggle to find the outlet to learn woodworking will have a place in this school.

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Woodworking has been integral in my own personal healing journey. I believe that learning a new skill, working with your hands, and using your creativity can be therapeutic and empowering.