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I want to thank you for visiting my website, helping me grow in my woodworking career, and supporting our community dream!

About Me 

Hi there! My Name is Megan Shannon, and I’m the owner and operator of this one-woman woodworking operation. I've been creating furniture and art with wood for over 10 years. I started Tiny Bit of Wood in 2012 to create beautiful wooden pieces that are sustainable and affordable. 


It is my dream to one day own a farm where children can learn, grow and have the opportunity to care for other living things. A place where I can have a community workshop and hold classes for people to learn this trade that I love so dearly. One of these visions has taken shape with the opening of Tiny Bit of School: inclusive classes for first generation woodworkers that normally wouldn’t have access to this art.

Click below to learn more about the school’s mission.

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Artist's Statement

Both the process and inspiration for all my work stem from my respect for nature. I wanted to create art and furniture without harming the environment. I use locally sourced wood from tree trimming companies and mill it at my workshop. I try to use natural products instead of harsh chemicals to treat and stain my pieces. To me, it doesn’t make sense to destroy a forest so we can harvest its wood just for it to sit in our homes. Using local and natural materials and sustainable methods was never really a question, it was something I knew I was going to do since day one. In order to have wood to work with, you have to have trees--so I’m doing everything I can to preserve and protect them.

Artist Statement
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